About Me? I Guess!

My Crap Attempts At HTML... Please Remember This Site Is Still Under Construction! Tenor Tenement

Hi! I'm Glockenspiel. I made this website for fun to practice HTML and CSS, but i might make it more useful in the future.
i'm not great at it but it doesn't hurt to try.
I especially have trouble aligning a layout, so if this looks messed up in any way, im probably updateing my site lol. sorry about that!

For the longest time, i've been a big animation fan. i love cartoons. i also have characters of my own that i plan to make cartoons of, someday!
Currently, i just make cheesy animation meme videos on my youtube channel. Most of them use my characters but my most popular videos are fanart.
The character in the GIF at the right is Tenor by the way!

Favorite Music

My favorite genre for the longest time has been electronic music, but i also love swing music from the 30's. However, My Tastes are more specific.
I'll list my favourite genres/subgenres here!
A lot of people these days have some culture they're especially facinated with, that usually being Japan or Korea. For me, it's Germany.
It sounds strange, but i absolutley love German music. Especially rave culture. Germany has a very deep and rich influence and creation of electronic music that it's never credited for. Everyone says that German is an ugly language, but i disagree. I have grown up with a German parent and she shared her culture with me, and i have to say German is greatly misreprisented!
Obviously the country isn't the brightest or.. ahem... has the best history, but man does their music take me to another place.

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