Animation Work

Roughs Cleanup Compositing Animated Icons

While I am not the greatest animator and my skills are limited, I can still do animation work if you want. I mainly do frame-by-frame animation on a computer. I can do roughs, cleanup, and compositing work. I'm particularly good at few-second looping animation.

Demo Reel

Rough Animation

Rough animation only of... whatever you want. General animation work, basically. Base price $20, +$10 each second of animation.

Cleanup Animation

This can either be to add cleanup+color of my own work that I just animated for you, or cleanup YOUR or SOMEONE ELSE's rough animation. It will be done in vector in ToonBoom Harmony, so it can infinetley extend to any resolution. Base price $25 +$15 each second.


Okay sooo,, since compisiting is basically just editing so it's WAY too varied to put a price tag on, so contact me directly and we'll figure out a price.

Blinking Gif Icon

$30 for about 5 frames of a basic blinking GIF! These can be turned into DeviantArt icons too, I will reseize the animation for free if ya want.